Citizens of the City of Kenner


Insurance Rating


For anyone residing in Kenner, you should vote for the Fire Millages and here’s why:
If funding for the Fire Department stays stagnant, we will slip to a Class 3 insurance rating, which will cost the average $150,000 home an average of $37.00 a year increase in insurance. With the passage of this millage we can achieve a Class 1 rating.

Net Residential Cost after Insurance Rating Savings, if we are able to Achieve a Class 1 Rating, for a $150,000 Home Millage increase $45.00 per year. Average Insurance savings for Class 1 Rating - $33.00 per year. Net cost of Millage increase $12.00 per year $12.00 a year for better service or $37.00 a year for more insurance and service that will get worse, your choice. And by the way, property tax (the millage) is a deduction on itemized returns, insurance is not.


About us

The City of Kenner

has a total area of 15.2 square miles. Kenner is located on the west side of the New Orleans, Louisiana metropolitan area. The Fire Department has 83 Members, 2 Districts and 6 Fire Stations servicing the citizens.


April 2nd Elections


In the upcoming 2011 City of Kenner elections this April 2nd, please vote FOR the Fire Millages. Please contact your Council person and express your concerns.


Net Cost


The Net Cost of Fire Millage Increase...



If Class 1 rating is achieved, the following is the net cost for a home of approximate value $150,000.00:



Millage increase= $45.00 per year

Insurance saving= $33.00 per year